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Is dedicated to research and development of the coal mine safety equipment

Sports protective gear

The holder of mine post control device

Traffic stop device(The car stop)

Coal mining railway transportation monitoring device

Mine explosion-proof camera

TV monitoring device

Video monitoring device

Mine video recorder

Mining electric locomotive automatic control device

Small winch rope device

Coal mine with the pedestrian monitoring devices

Mining vehicle warning device

Mine radio communication system

Mine wireless communication device

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Is dedicated to research and development of the coal mine safety equipment


ZYJ127Coal mining railway transportation monitoring device

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Rubber-tyred vehicle car protection device

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Rail transport security leader

High quality monitoring equipment,To provide integrated solutions for coal transportation safety

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Shaanxi navigation tai electric co., LTD. Was established2002Years,Has been committed to research and development of the coal mine safety equipment,Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales and after-sales service as one of the production-oriented enterprises。Enterprise has a group of high professional title、Scientific research personnel of high technology,With strong technical strength,Advanced facilities,Successfully develop a series of coal mine safety transportation security products more than 10 kinds,All obtains the national coal mine safety sign shall apply mutatis mutandis to pass,Currently hold10A national patent。2006Through years of enterpriseIS09001The international quality management system certification, 2008China quality inspection association“China's well-known brands”Particularly recommended units...  [ Details of the content ]

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